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Terms of Service

The Terms of Service listed below are to help answer some of your questions and protect you, the event host and the Artist. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this document, please do not hesitate to contact us.  


        Booking deposit: There is a booking deposit of 25% of the cost of the event or party, your booking is not confirmed until your booking deposit has been received. The booking deposit is considered partial payment and the remaining balance will be due when the Artist arrives at the event, but can be paid anytime. We require 2 weeks notice for cancellations. Cancellations that occur less that 2 weeks prior to the event will forfeit the booking deposit.

        Scheduling: The Artist will face paint for the full amount of time booked and end at the scheduled time. Please take into consideration that the Artist will not be staying additional time to make up for cake cutting, late guests, events or parties not starting on time, etc. If the Artist is available and additional time is requested, the rate is $50 per half hour. This amount will also be due on the day of the event.

        Mother Nature: If the Artist arrives at the event and the weather turns ugly, we are not responsible for Mother Nature and the remaining balance will be due. Please have a bad weather contingency plan, such as an indoor location or event tent so the Artist may continue the event.

        Right to a respectful work enviroment: Destructive, violent, or inappropriate behavior of a child or adult; illegal activities; dangerous conditions will not be tolerated. The Artist reserves the right to cease work and leave the premises should any of these situations arise.

        Managing the crowd: The Artist will not be responsible for childcare and will not supervise the children. The behavior and safety is the parent/guardian/host's responsibility. If the event is a large corporate party or large community event, please consider assigning a staff member or volunteer to manage the line and ensure the orderly flow of children. 

        Photographs: Parental/Guardian permission shall be sought should Happy Faces by Marni wish to take photographs for promotional purposes. Upon agreement, Happy Faces by Marni reserves the right to use these photographs for professional use, such as advertisements or on the internet and this website. All photographs taken with permission belong to Happy Faces by Marni.

        Liability Statement: We use only professional cosmetic grade face paints and glitter. We adhere to the strictest sanitation and hygiene procedures. Children with sensitive skin or allergies should not participate. For safety reasons, I will not be able to paint children under 3 years of age. For sanitary reasons, I will not paint anyone who appears sick or suffering from: cold sores, conjunctivitis (pink eye), eczema (on the area to be painted), open wounds, or head lice. I will use reasonable care, but I am not responsible for damage to clothing or property. The client agrees to pay for any damage to my equipment or supplies caused by guests or pets.

        FYI: Some bounce house companies will not allow guests with face paint on their equipment, please check with the company if you are planning to have them at your event.


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